About Us

Hello, nice to meet you!

Gnawty Gnashers is single handedly ran by me, Dawn, from our family home in a little seaside town Redcar in the North East of England. I am 30 & Mamma to 3 little whirlwinds (4 years, 3 years & 9 weeks old). 

I started this little venture whilst on maternity with my first born in 2017, after having struggled to find teething accessories I liked the aesthetic, affordability and safety of. After a LOT of research I decided to make my own, and Gnawty Gnashers was born! I originally set out making dummy clips, but then broadened into teething rings, fiddle necklaces, sensory ribbon rings, sensory rattle rings & more!

Every product is made lovingly by hand by myself and vigorously safety tested according to the BSEN standards and UK laws and regulations. Gnawty Gnashers prides itself on safety, it is an utmost priority.

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