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  • Image of Dummy Clip

Always losing your Little Ones dummies? Forever on your hands and knees searching? But where did you last see it?.....Dilemma over! These dummy clips will keep your dummies safe and prevent being dropped/lost. They attach to thin clothing and are strong enough to stay attached and withhold those little tugging and pulling hands. These clips are the perfect way to prevent losing those much loved and needed dummies in style.

Struggle to find items with your Little ones name on? No problem! The added option of personalisation allows you the freedom to add that little personal touch to items, as well as creating something to pop into memory boxes once no longed needed or in use!

Due to legal length limitations (22cm or under from base of clip to end of and including the whole loop) for personalised clips to ensure you are able to chose a good amount of colours name lengths of 6-8 work best, otherwise the longer the name the less room for and the more silicone /coloured beads are lost. Dummy Clips are personalised with 10mm lettered natural wooden beads.

Made with BPA Free/Food Grade Silicone 9mm/15mm beads and ended with a 10mm natural wood safety bead to ensure no beads can come lose or slip over the loop knot. Every dummy clip is made in accordance with BSEN12586:2007+A1:2011, follow UK Laws and Regulations and are within the legal length limit of 22cm.

MAM adapters are available if required, just add to cart. Please note dummy clips CANNOT be attached to MAM dummies otherwise.

-Decide between WOODEN or BLACK clip and cord choice of WHITE or BLACK from the drop down menues, and add to cart
-Chose your colours from the chart (2-5 colours works best)
-IF APPLICABLE: What you want the clip to say IN CAPITALS i.e Name, initial, nickname
-Then pop them in the notes on checkout- it’s as easy as that!

If you don’t see the colour you’d like please contact us at gnawty.gnashers@gmail.com using the contact form and I will do my best to fulfill your request!

*PLEASE NOTE - due to current circumstances and Brexit not ALL shown colours are available*

Before each use check product carefully for any signs of wear, weakness or damage, and immediately cease use and dispose of.

Never attempt to lengthen the dummy clip.

Never attach to loose parts of clothing, cords/laces or ribbons, this could result in strangulation of the infant/child.

Dummy clips must only be securely attached to a garment and must never be used while the infant/child is put down to sleep.

Dummy clips are not to be used as a toy or teether.

Do not place in freezer or steriliser! To clean use mild soapy water and allow to air dry, ensure product is thoroughly dry before resuming use.