• Image of SUNSHINE Silicone Teether

☀️ Cover me in sunshine ….☀️

With 5 colours to chose from these double sided silicone teethers offer the cutest teething aid! (Reverse side is same pattern)

These Silicone Teethers are the perfect size for Little ones hands! Suitable from birth and into toddlerhood, they offer a medley of textures to invite hand/mouth exploration and offer a cute alternative to help soothe those aching gums and nasty teething pains!

The Silicone coloured parts are made with BPA free and food grade silicone! Making them 100% baby safe, all whilst being firm but soft enough to provide that needed relief from teething pains and a wonderful way to allow your babies to safely gnaw away and take their teething frustrations out on!


Before each use check product carefully for any signs of wear, weakness or damage, and immediately cease use and dispose of.

Do not place in freezer or steriliser! To clean use mild soapy water and allow to air dry, ensure product is thoroughly dry before resuming use.