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Sensory Ribbons

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Teether shape

Sensory Ribbons  are a fabulous way to help encourage Little Ones development by grabbing their attention with this mix of gorgeous colours, a fab gift for any baby!

Suitable from birth to help babies explore the world around them through their senses. Perfect for parents to use to tickle across Little Ones faces and bring on those adorable first smiles and giggles and lots of fun into the Toddler years, a must have addition to Little Ones sensory accessories.

Inspired by Montessori ribbon toys and made using untreated Beechwood and 70mm Satin Ribbon (cut to within legal length of 22cm) these Sensory Ribbon Rings are perfect for handheld fun, refining motor skills and helping with Little Ones development.

RAINBOW- A bright array of rainbow colours to entice any little to playing!————————————————————————
PASTEL- A more toned down take on the rainbow, nice and subtle!————————————————————————
NEWBORN- Did you know newborns can see in colour from birth but cannot make out tones? This mix of Black White and Red is the perfect sensory addition or gift for any littles! Over the first few months Little Ones brains work hard to be able to tell the difference between colours, so why not give them a little fun way of helping encourage their development!

Before each use check product carefully for any signs of wear, weakness or damage, and immediately cease use and dispose of.

Do not place in freezer or steriliser! To clean use mild soapy water and allow to air dry, ensure product is thoroughly dry before resuming use.

Sensory Ribbon Rings are not to be used without constant adult supervision as ribbons could pose a choking risk if inhaled or swallowed.

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Hoskin

So pretty and baby absolutely loves them!