Privacy Policy

Gnawty Gnashers Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy will explain how I use, collect, and share information when you as a customer make and order through our website/Instagram, or contact me via This Privacy Policy is exempt from the practices of third parties such as PayPal, BigCartel, Stripe, Instagram, Facebook and other third parties which I do not have control over or personally own.

What information do Gnawty Gnashers collect?

In order to complete and process your order Gnawty Gnashers will collect 

-Full Name

-Full Postal Address

-Email Address

-Contact Number

-Order details

This data is supplied to us at the checkout process, and is only the data you yourself provide us with when completing an order. This information is then stored in Gnawty Gnashers orders to ensure orders are completed and posted correctly. Upon request, any written or physical copy of this information can be destroyed if a customer wants it to be removed from my records, as per your rights by law. 

Why does Gnawty Gnashers collect this information?

Your full name and address is required to ensure that the order arrives to the correct person and at the correct place.

Your email is required so that contact can be made if needed to inform you of any changes and/or delays to your order. Your email address will not be used nor passed on for marketing purposes.

Will this information be shared?

Your information will not be shared other than your name and address with the postal company in order to deliver your order. No other outside individuals will have access to your personal information.

Will this information be secure?

Your information will be secured through data storage. All information collected is stored via the website and then manually written straight onto the postal box, no other individuals have access to said website/PayPal account and their contents. 

Invoices are available upon request, if you require an invoice including within an order please do state so upon the checkout process, alternatively do so via EMAIL.

Media and Payment platforms used by Gnawty Gnashers: